Schmidt Orthodontics Patient Testimonials

For the first time in my 46 years, I’m happy with my teeth! They are uncrowded, straight and the gaps are now a memory. I started my Invisalign program in February and ended this September (your treatment plan may vary). I am now maintaining the straightening with simple retainers and couldn’t be happier with the experience.

Dr. Schmidt and her group of professionals are a powerhouse team. In the beginning, I had a consultation with Dr. Schmidt and she told me upfront what the costs, benefits and duration of the treatment (within months) would be. Her office really helped make the payment plan work with my Flex Spending Account so that the finances were feasible without too much of an impact to the family budget. I signed the contract and began the process.

If you like technology, you’ll love the Invisalign process. The 3D scanning resulted in a digital model of my teeth that could be projected out over the next several months to show how the teeth would move with each Invisalign tray. I don’t think that I would have had as good of an outcome without Dr. Schmidt and her team’s experience. She took detailed notes on how she wanted things to look and could adjust things to make it happen. I trusted her aesthetic vision and it was a pleasure to see it incrementally come to life.

Here we are at the end of the “active” phase of Invisalign. Her skilled team worked to help my teeth maintain their new alignment with a permanent wire and a pair of Invisalign-like trays to wear at night (again…your treatment plan may vary).

I am proud to wear this smile (albeit under a mask for the time being) and enthusiastically recommend the services Dr. Schmidt and her excellent staff provide. Thank you! – Brian G.

"Everyone was incredibly nice and understanding throughout my Invisalign experience. Being someone who's not great at being an extrovert, the people here made me feel comfortable enough that I could talk without feeling awkward. The results of my teeth were absolutely fantastic and I couldn't be happier with how my smile turned out." –Anya

"My third child had her braces removed this week. After having had at least one child in braces continuously for the last 8 years, I feel like part of the Schmidt Orthodontic family. We have always had superb care by Dr. Schmidt and her assistants. They are so accommodating to our needs and schedules. I would highly recommend using Schmidt Orthodontics for all of your orthodontic needs. I have to say that I will be sad not seeing them on a regular basis." – Emily J.

"Dr. Schmidt is an excellent orthodontist and has a great team working with her. My son's teeth look amazing, and we are extremely happy with his results. We are always comfortable in the office and treated exceptionally well by Dr. Schmidt and her entire staff. I highly recommend Dr. Schmidt." – Jake F.

"I would like to thank the entire staff at Schmidt Orthodontics. Every time I went in for an appointment, I was greeted with warm smiles! They made my beautiful smile possible! Thank you!" – Tori F.

"Thanks for the great experience.  This can be very stressful on children and every step of the way was totally awesome.  Thanks to Dr. Schmidt and her staff...you are truly a ten plus." - Rich S.

"The best, most friendly and happy dental or medical office I have ever been to. We were there many times of the 2 1/2 years the braces took, beginning to end, and it was always the same. Awesome people and excellent service!" – Victoria F.

"I cannot say enough about how amazing everyone at Schmidt Orthodontics is. Katie was even willing to meet us on her day off! Thank you for everything. Our 4th set of braces will be starting soon!" – Marnie H.

"Loved coming. All 4 kids have had braces. It was a great experience. Everyone very friendly, happy, upbeat, social. There is no negative comment AT ALL." – Richard L.

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